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Riverside Project to Avail Flats in Kolkata within 30 Lakhs

Alcove Realty represents the Gen-Y real estate brands who provide housing for everyone catering to different price range. Not just that, the brand has taken up it up as a responsibility to provide the city lanes with modern housing projects to change the skyline of the city. This time, Alcove have touched North Kolkata, Serampore region to provide individuals with riverside apartments. Hence, New Kolkata was born!

New Kolkata – The Destination with Riverside Apartments

North Kolkata comes with the trait whereby it interacts with nature. This part of the city hugs the holy Ganges is found along with the traditional charm of the city. Taking advantage of these features, Alcove has decided to come up with riverside apartments in Serampore region for a lifestyle nothing less than that of a fairytale.

Trust us when we say that New Kolkata is your destination for riverside apartments. Not just that, the project comes with other features as well which will give the potential buyers with legitimate reasons to dwell in this project with low budget flats in Kolkata. To start with, the project consists of with 1, 2 and 3 BHK flats in Kolkata within 30 lakhs which is a split image of luxury. Plus, some of these apartments are overlooking the serene Ganges as well, thereby fulfilling your dream of owning a riverside apartment. Furthermore, the apartments come with a gripping design and classy layout to tune in well with your contemporary lifestyle. Hence, when you have an abode that is set in the lap of nature, what else can you ask for a comfortable lifestyle?

Other Features Shaping-up the Project

The Exceptional Connectivity:

Apart from providing you with a great surrounding, the project with low budget flats in Kolkata has made the task traveling to the main city as easy task. Buy flats in Kolkata under this project to experience four-way connectivity- rail, road, river, and metro (an upcoming link) to travel the main city with ease. What stole our heart is the presence of private jetty with ferry service, that has added an edge to the concept of connectivity.

The Amenities & Facilities

Investing in a housing project lacking facilities and amenities is a waste of money. New Kolkata with flats in Kolkata within 30 lakhs will provide you with a never-ending list of facilities and amenities. These two elements under the New Kolkata roof will provide future residents with a modernized form of living without hampering the traditional feel of North Kolkata.

For example, on one side the project comes with its very own Ganga ghat with a temple while on the other side it comes with hi-tech gym and spa which clearly shows how the project is blending tradition and modern features on one platform.

IGBC Certified

New Kolkata- with flats for sale in Kolkata is pre-certified by IGBC. It means that the project is created to provide future residents with a fresh and sustainable environment for a healthy lifestyle. This action will not only provide the residents with an eco-friendly environment but will also teach them to maintain the same. Hence, New Kolkata is not all about luxury but hearty and healthy lifestyle as well.

So what is your job now? Book your dream riverside apartment under New Kolkata for a dreamlike lifestyle. After all, we not only deserve to read the fairytales but experience the same to some extent.

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